Friday, 7 July 2017

HBD MSD 183*

HBD MSD 183*

What's new?   
   Your history is global.
What new tale can I tell;
   But still my pen's desire,
Wishing to be Different

Ranchi is not alone,    
   Even "Pansing" would not have imagined ..
His poem is a song,   
    You only know ...
The breath of this song is "Devaki"

The study did not go well,  
    but life changed by Sports
Although the gloves did not change,    
   The game switched by "Banerjee";

Without physical cooperation   
   What good is game?
For nutritious food    
   Where is money?
One answer to all
   Cow milk... From "Devaki" 's Savings

Why your bat is
   So angry?
Why your Gloves are
   So fast?
Opponents Stand Blind..

Not in cricket book
   Your Shots
Not in Graduate Studies
   Your Leadership
From where did you get this? 

In School cicket 
   How many balls are Flying?
In local Cricket 
   How many balls have Broken?
In the kingdom of Dhoni; that is Ranchi

Batsmen Have a Fear,
   To come to pitch
Bowler have a Fear,
   To bowl a ball
The fear of Dhoni

With the dreams of the Indian team,
   The first Ranji tour
Bihar is not so great
   The Punjab lion was rocked
The result is "Yuvi's" friendship

The Second Season started
   With Accusations on batting,
But you hit a great Century
   Putting an end point,
In the fort of Dada

Result is selected in Tulip Trophy   
   The hard work of "friends" is vain
Did not land in the field until the end    
   Yet you're happy
For Seeing "God of cricket"

Sadness did not let Sachin    
   The moment you give water ...
Sachin also back to Pavilion with you    
   The conscience was scratched
You blamed yourself

Went Gorakhpur With the help of Ganguli
   Dhoni; as a Ticket collector
Went Beyond the ground
   That tennis ball sixes
It lead you to Indian ‘A’ Team

First World Tour for Cricket    
   First half century in first series
First two centuries against Pakistan    
   First man of the match & series in Nairobi

With the Support of DaDa
   Dhoni in Indian Team
You are Got “Golden duck”
   In the first innings
Bad form continues over the series

History began in  "Vaizag"    
   Pakistan fell in Dhoni's tsunami
Fate Changes in "Jaipur"    
   The Sri Lanka were pieces in the Dhoni’s storm
Dhoni becomes the Darling for India

Test carrier starts
   In our Soil
Our city Our pride
   Vaizag became Faisalabad
One Day Match became Test match    
   Opposition Pakistan has not changed
The 148 runs did not change    
    The first Century did not change
The fifth match did not change    
   Sixer rain did not Stop

2007 West Indies World Cup    
   In the history of Indian cricket
The moment need to forget    
    We eliminated in League
Stones flew at Player’s homes

Again World cup in 2007
   The seniors are Retreat
India plan to Revenge
   With an young Indian side
And Captain “Mahendra Singh Dhoni”

In the history of the arch enemy
   There's definitely a place to bowlout
Yuvraj's six sixes
   You only got that Luck
To seen in non-striker end

Chasing baby boomers    
    Waiting for the arch rival in final
The whole world has returned    
    Indians all, in front of TV
Young India began the hunt

The dream of 120 million people    
   The goal of cricket lovers
Everything is on your shoulders    
   Still now Goosebumbs "In the air Sreesanth ..."
In Ravi Shastri's Commentary

Over the india, Celebrate like Diwali
   How You finished
Your celebration in a Simple Smile
   Overall Youngsters won
By your brilliance

T20 WC gifted
   To Indian oneday team Captain
Dismissal of Senior,
   Recruitment of youngsters
Targets 2011 WC

2008 Tri-Series leads to
   Test match Captain
Very Next year India No.1
   History Rewritten
While won the cup in Newzealand

You become the son of Chennai
   From 2008-IPL
Reign Continues 8 Years
   You did not spare even CL-T20
What are the cups you missed to kiss?

Time for Solving God’s thirst
   With the support of millions of fans
This time WC in our Soil
   WC starts with Sehwag’s Boundary
India gets Revenge from Bangladesh

The current Champion
   Walk back to home In quarter finals
Made Arc enemy cry
   In semi finals
Dhoni & co move to finals

Final in god’s Temple
   In the beginning India is struggling
Recovering commitment to Gambhir-dhoni
    A helicopter split into heaven
“Dhoni finishes off in style..”
It’s a minute of Stunned

India was waiting for this moment
    It was time to give a trophy  to Sachin
Tears of joy in all eyes
   How did you hide it?
Celebration in a single smile?

Sachin's fan also proud
   In the last test you gave a hat to him
All of the ICC's trophies were won
   With 2013 CT
You are in front, When India loss the match
   Where do you go on victory?
Continues, the fail of next youth force
   But you didn’t leave them
Seems to be the next goal 2019-WC

Success is not easy
   You broke the obstacles
So today you are "the" Dhoni
   Let your victory continue
With these fans' prayers

How did your wife allow?
   Do not look at the Indian angel
We are proud of you Sakshi
   No words to describe
About love on bike
   Friendship support is outstanding
In your life

With the dream of seeing you
I'm proud of ;
"Your Fan"

If you are not a captain, helicopter is not there
"We love you Dhoni"
Happy birthday to “Mahendra Singh Dhoni”


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