Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Thamirabarani River

Thamirabarani River

My Mother house is Pothigai Mountain
My Husband house is Punnakayal Sea,
In between every Farmer is my Rlatives...

Your Crime Starts with Arjun Trees,
not yet finished...

Am kidnaping but my lover Didn't know about this..
Am Draw out but Agastya Didn't know about this..
Am Mare but You Know Tamila...About This You Know Very Well...!

You made me Sacred by the Soul Prayer for Your Past Generation,
But What about your Future Generation?

When am not here,
My lover Sea will anger...
My Mother Pothigai will anger...
Agastya will anger...

you don't have any Reply's to them.. Tamila..
You will Suffer on their Anger...  
No one going to Help you tamila....!

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