Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hitter to Captain (MS Dhoni)

We have seen a hitter from your first century
We have seen a Cool Captain during the first Cup (T20 World Cup)
All over the world batsmen changed their bat because
Everyone wants to know the Secret of Helicopter....
But the secret is not in bat.. it is in You, Maahi

By keeping future in mind
   We lost our Seniors
   We got our Youngsters
   You changed our Youngsters to Winners...

All over India celebrated the victory
But how you hid your Happiness
within a simple Smile....

The stones which were thrown on your home
That are the Stepping stones for Youngsters
How many of them know this??????

So What, you are no more Captain?!!
However We always
need Maahi... Hitter Maahi..

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